Hostess Club Welcome

Thanks so much for sponsoring a Shopping Event!

 I wanted to share a few things you should know about how this event works.

  • Your link never expires (unless you request to deactivate it!) You will always be able to share with new friends and get your discount!
  • You earn 20% of the first purchase made by customers using your link. Repeat purchases will not count toward your discount amount earned.
  • The ONLY thing you have to do is share the video link and your custom shopping link with your friends!
  • To help share your event, click on the "Marketing Resource" tab to the left of your screen on your hostess dashboard
  • To share to Facebook, you can connect your account by entering your Facebook username. Or, highlight and copy the text then paste as a post.
  • To send an email or text version, simply copy from the appropriate tab (email or text message) and paste into your chosen platform then send.
  • Keep track of your sales by logging in to your dashboard and viewing "discount earned". You can also click on "Sales" to see who purchased.
  • Once you are ready to redeem your discount, click on the "Payments" tab and enter a dollar amount from the total available and click "Generate". This will create a discount code you can enter when you checkout with your order on my store checkout page.
Please feel free to reach out if you have a question I have not answered here. And once again, THANK YOU for supporting me and my small business!