About Us

Karen's Corner Studio was founded in Blue Mountain, Mississippi in 2016.  The studio currently resides in the beautiful mountains of Sylva, North Carolina.  

My family has moved quite a lot over the years but no matter where we lived, I always had a corner to set up my work.  Thus, the name Karen's Corner Studio was born.

I specialize in unique jewelry pieces created from polymer clay.  Polymer Clay is durable, smooth and lightweight.  It is a manmade clay that is actually a type of plastic which hardens when baked. 

My methods include custom 3D printed shape cutters, and liquid clay applications using custom designed vinyl cut silkscreens. 

As I create each piece of jewelry, I am inspired by the beauty that surrounds me.
Sometimes its seasons and holidays; sometimes it is in nature, or the majestic view of my North Carolina mountains.
I keep my pieces affordable for everyone...because life doesn't always let us have the things we desire. Unique jewelry should!
Welcome to my studio and I hope my wearable art reminds you that you are a beautiful work of art too! 

Karen Smyrl - Owner/Creator/Founder